About 75 years ago, in Samvat year 2000(Ishwi year 1944), Ghatkopar was a small town of Mumbai having a population of abounding 5 lacs with few Brahmin families residing therein. During this year a Brahmin died in Barot Wadi Kirol Village of Ghatkopar area. To carry the bereaved to crematorium it was difficult to find four Brahmins dedicated, respectable, socially known, who walks barefooted and wearing Dhotis. Shri Bachubhai Vaishnav, Shri Purushottam Upadhyay (Bawalalbhai), Shri Jatashankar Popatlal Pandya(Jatukaka) made full arrangement for final rights of the body of the said late Brahmin. At this juncture in the crematorium ground itself, they decided to solidly organize to bring Brahmin families “Under one roof” for the welfare of the Brahmin community.

Thus, in SY 2000(year 1944) on an auspicious Ram Navmi Day Shree Ghatkopar Brahman Samaj came into existence with its office at the residence of Shri Bachubhai Vaishnav. Initially the membership fee was only 4 aanas.

Samaj Bhomi Poojan

1st Committee Members of  Brahman Samaj

Few years later Matushri Bachibai Parapia allotted her plot of land in Joshi Lane off M G Road Ghatkopar (East) in Mumbai to the Samaj and Shri Praneshwar Mahadev Mandir on Long lease at nominal rate. Among serious objection from various corners Shri Bachubhai decided and took oath that till the Samaj Bhavan is constructed he will not wear Cap, Walk barefooted, wont trim beard and eat only boiled foods. After few years of his dedicated and sustained efforts a two story building of the Samaj at Joshi Lane was finally built in the 1972.  He got support from Shri Vinaykumar Popatlal Oza in fulfilling Vision.

The Samaj commenced its activities initially to cover social educational medical and cultural activities in a two-story building. And soon thereafter need was felt to extend the building to expand activities under the emblem “SEVA, SAHAKAR AND SANGATHAN”.

The energetic Management and Presidents Served from time to time contributed restless efforts in charity drive and organized Bhagvat Saptah of Param Pujya Bhai Shri Rameshbhai Oza and successfully fund was accumulated to achieve the goal of new Samaj Bhavan.

Shri Shashikantbhai Sompura was then assigned the duties of the president and being a professional Civil Engineer he satisfactorily progressed the work of extension of Samaj Bhavan in association with well known architect Shri Bansi Wadhwa, Deepak Mehta & Motwani and with co-operation of the member of Maharashtra assembly Shri Prakash Mehta. Others who joined the fund collection drive were Shri Vasantbhai Bhatt, Shri Jamandasbhai Joshi for completing the project.

The Foundation Stone Ceremony of New Samaj Bhavan with seven floors was performed by Pujya Swami Shri Satyamitranand Giriji Maharaj on 10/12/1997 and the Lokarpan Vidhi of the new building was performed on 18/3/2001. This is first of its kind in India where a community/caste has its own building of seven floors.

Under leadership of Shree Jyotindra Dave & Guidance of Shree Pradeep Acharya samaj took leap for expansion of medical center. Today Samaj medical center is very well recognized and more then 1,00,000 people are taking benefit.

Presently the Samaj has over 4400 members residing in and around Ghatkopar. The Samaj is enjoying leading rank among other social organizations of Ghatkopar. Samaj was awarded as the best social organization of Mumbai by Mah. Gujarati Sahitya Academy for its social cause and were rewarded.