Welcome to the Shree Ghatkopar Brahman Samaj

A Brahman, is the blessing of nature. Being a Brahman is to inherit such qualities not only by birth, but by selfless philanthropic work, for the society; irrespective of any cast, creed or religion, going beyond ‘oneself’ or ‘ourselves.’ Then, what does one inherit and what should be his life mission as a human? To answer this, and to abide to the principles of ‘being a Brahman’, ‘Shree Ghatkopar Brahman Samaj’ was set up in 1944. Shree Ghatkopar Brahman Samaj, completes 75 glorious years and has expanded its operations and activities multi-fold over the past decades. A seed that has now blossomed to a full-grown tree; under silent determination, like a true Brahman who is a silent creator and an endearing energy source.

The Ghatkopar Brahman Samaj (GBS) is instrumental in a plethora of social welfare activities. Under the emblem and motto of Sahakar Seva & Sangathan, this association is driven by an inherent design of benefiting the society.

Founded in 1944, GBS is an association of the Brahmans of Ghatkopar, who have come together to bond under the community tag to impact the deprived, empower the marginalised and promote sustainable livelihood. The journey has been an ardent one and the founders and supporters have through these 75 years brought the association to around 4400 members today. The association building – Samaj Bhavan stands 7 storeyed tall and hosts a multitude of activities towards improving social needs. They want to elevate lives by enabling an environment that is oriented towards education, healthcare and empowerment. Over humanitarian grounds, they are creating a sense of ownership, accountability and intervention towards a socially progressed livelihood. This influence, they want to create, irrespective of regional or caste distinction.

GBS has over the last couple of decades build an ecosystem of donors, supporters and well-wishers through whom GBS is instrumental in driving social, medical, educational, and cultural activities. Shri Jyotindra Dave has been influential and motivating as a leader, serving as the President of the Samaj last 14 years guiding and leading the operations of the Samaj Bhavan to the current position.

Samaj Bhavan is one of its kind establishments in India governed by a single caste and aimed towards transformation of social background by impacting the underprivileged with education & healthcare.

GBS has in the last decades initiated some very noble projects in the benefit of society. They are carrying out a multitude of activities in the spirit of welfare.

Upcoming Events

18 th JAN

Cultural Programme

16th FEB

Mass marriage and thredd ceremony.


Felicitating students in excellence in education by giving awards


Yearly new year (Diwali) get together


Samuha Lagna (Mass Marriage) yagno pavitra (thread ceremony) Cultural Programme.

Stories that inspire us

"Dr Sheetal Gupta is doing great work, because of her efforts harsh is doing good. " - Harsh therapist
"Rise and shine is a great therapy centre and would suggest people to go there. I take remedial classes over there and Chetna mam conducts that and she is a very nice, helpful therapist over there. She is a very good person. My child always happily goes to her for therapy.She is Always smiling and a very good remedial teacher." - Urvi Karia
"Brahman samaj is one of the best centres for children with special needs. They provide all kinds of therapy in the centre. All the therapists are very well equipped to handle these children. The therapy centre has spacious and well equipped therapy rooms. Every person involved with the centre has a very positive and ever smiling approach towards all the kids. This is the main reason I chose this centre for my son." - Priya Mahesh

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If you have it in you to help others, care for others, believe in giving back to society, you can get involved with Ghatkoper Brahamin Samaj in more than one way.